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Our Team

is composed of talented photographers and videographers that create revolutionary content for agencies, businesses and individuals.

2C Studios Calgary

CLAUDE - Co-Founder, Creative Direction

As a life long creative, Claude has always been drawn to the nature of photos and videos. This has led him to develop a passion for creating engaging content that resonates with individuals. Understanding the importance of quality content, Claude has unravelled a real interest in creating and capturing moments that drive real emotion which has now turned his hobby into a life-long passion. Claude does a large part of our photography and videography while focusing on business development.

2C Studios Calgary

AIDAN - Co-Founder, Visual Aesthetic

Years of professional photography experience has allowed Aidan to bring a clean and timeless aesthetic to every project that he works on. His strong desire to capture the perfect moment every time he turns on his camera results in customer satisfaction, time and time again. Aware of the value of strong branding and consistent imagery, Aidan has developed an eye with incredible attention to detail that will elevate your the aesthetic of your content. Aidan’s primary focus is day to day operations as well as creating, production and editing.

Just a note, the team really likes coffee.