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 here’s the process

Your trust in us to create, film / photograph and edit your project is the whole reason why we’re in business. Regardless of the step at which we begin contributing to the process, we believe our touch can elevate your aesthetic, communicate your message effectively and provide you with high-quality photo and video that helps identify YOU, from them.

Creative Strategy

2C Studios Calgary Production Photo Video

The first step is to come up with ideas, inspiration and a storyboard. If you’ve taken the time out and created one already, even better! This expedites the process for all of us. If you haven’t - no problem. We can guide you through the process every step of the way - from ideas to finding inspiration and finally, creating a storyboard. It’s important we get this part right as these are the fundamental guidelines for conveying your brand’s truth. Once we’ve developed the concept, we begin planning logistics - models, locations, scheduling, etc.

Production Day

Video Photo Production 2CStudios Calgary

The big day is here. The schedule on production day is largely affected by the type of project. As a general guideline, if there’s audio or an interview required, we like to do that first. Once that’s completed we focus on the B-Roll. If we’re photographing products without models, we’ll shoot these before the models arrive. Our rule of thumb is being mindful and efficient of everyone’s time. The team always arrives early for production day to ensure a smooth process for everyone, and we are the last ones to leave the set, clearly.


2CStudios Calgary Production Photo Video

This is where the magic happens - where we take your diamond in the rough and polish the heck out of it. Adding aspects such as voice over, sound design, text overlay and animations while keeping the aesthetic true to your brand. Should your project be photo specific - we create a custom look to the imagery that accentuates your vibe while always being mindful of your brand. Expect for us to be in close contact throughout this process.


Our promise to you is to have your content turned around to you under the following guidelines. Photography assets delivered within 48 hours from final date of shoot. Video projects within 14 days of final film date. No, we’re not kidding - we believe quick turnaround time for your content is crucial. Our promise to you is what sets us apart from our competitors. We believe that having high-quality content created in a fluid state allows your marketing strategies to be more adaptable. In this constantly evolving ecosystem, this is an imperative asset.

2C Studios Calgary Production Photo Video

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